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What's New:

2007/07/05: VirtuaSam 1.1 released.

I was just about to start developing a VirtuaWin plugin to generate screenshots for VirtuaSam, when I found out that VirtuaWin 3.1 had been released. One of the new features was the ability to generate screenshots, so I cooked up a new release of VirtuaSam to utilize that feature instead. I also threw in support for gathering windows by doubleclicking a desktop controller. Download from the VirtuaSam page

2007/05/11: VirtuaSam 1.0 released.

So, I decided to throw another one of my hobby projects upon the world, so here it is: VirtuaSam is a Samurize plugin to interface with the virtual desktop manager VirtuaWin, providing virtual desktops integrated in Samurize. Get it on the VirtuaSam page

2007/05/10: Site revamped.

Not much to see on the layout, though, it's mostly internal changes, such as a PHP backend (with backwards URL compatibility, thanks to mod_rewrite), nicer HTML, no more table based layout, W3C standards compliance and more.

2006/04/13: New version of vPoker!

So I finally got hands on a Tungsten device, and figured it was time to update vPoker to support Palm OS 5 high resolution. I also added a 'Tap to hold' option, as this behaviour seems to be the default on many other video poker games. All this, and a few bug fixes, in vPoker 1.4, available on the vPoker page.