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What's Old:

2003/06/24: pBobble removed :-(

I got an email today, claiming that pBobble is in violation of TAITO Corporations copyright. Because of that, I have removed pBobble from the site. Read more on the pBobble page.

2002/05/25: vPoker v. 1.3 released

This one has color and greyscale support and a 'nearsight mode' with larger cards. Get it from the vPoker page.

2001/11/28: pBobble v. 1.0 BETA3 released

The third (and last) BETA of pBobble v.1.0 is released. The most notable change is save state support, but there are a few more things. Read all about it on the pBobble page.

2001/09/04: pBobble v. 1.0 BETA2 released

The second BETA of pBobble is now released. It includes: color support, button control, multiple ballsets and more. Get it while it's hot.

2001/08/10: pBobble v. 1.0 BETA released

pBobble is in public BETA. Grab a copy from the pBobble page.

NOTE: This is a BETA! Please report any bugs you find.

2001/06/22: vPoker v. 1.2.1 released

Oops... It seems that I bumped my head against a memory limit on PalmOS versions < 3.3. vPoker v. 1.2 didn't run on these versions at all. I tried to draw a bitmap that was too big, so I had to cut it in half. Thanks to Mike Winters for reporting this bug.

Note that if v. 1.2 works for you, there is no need to upgrade. The bugfix described above is the only change from v. 1.2 to v. 1.2.1.

Get this bugfix version from the vPoker page.

2001/05/26: vPoker v. 1.2 released

A few bugs fixed and some new features: statistics, highscores and a Settings dialog. Grab it from the vPoker page.

2001/03/28: klok v. 1.0

Now that I have my own homepage, I might as well use it, so I decided to release one of my old Litestep modules.

It's a skinnable wharf analog clock called klok, and I've been using it myself for more than a year, so it should be pretty stable.

2001/03/19: This site is new.

I've never felt a strong urge to make my own homepage. I've always thought there were too many sites out there that existed just for the sake of it, with no actual purpose, other than saying "I'm here too!".

Then I made a little video poker game for Palm, just to try out Palm programming, and submitted it to PalmGear H.Q.. I was very pleased to see the download statistics slowly climbing up to around 5000. Not long ago I recieved an email from a magazine that wanted to include the game on a CD-ROM collection. I had never heard of the site where they had found the game, so I started doing a little digging (altavista, google), and found not only several sites featuring the game, but also a page in a codepage I never even heard of, which seems to be a manual to the game. Adding download statistics from the sites that showed them, revealed a total of around 18000 downloads!

I then decided that it might be time to make a small homepage for the game, and also prepare one for my next freeware game for the Palm, pBobble.